January 7, 2018 "Ride for Kogi"

Mad Trapper Fat Bike Race

 The Mad Trapper was the first to introduce snowshoe racing to eastern Canada, the first to introduce "Ultimate Snowshoe" to Canada, and then we were the first to introduce Fatbike Racing to the Outaouis!

 On January 7 at10am, 2018 the Mad Trapper will host the "Ride for Kogi" Fatbike Trail Race.

We will be providing 2 races options: 1) A single loop ~5 km,  
and, 2) a double loop ~10 km option.

Both races start together and will begin with 500m of snow packed, 
up hill, gravel road "prologue" before jumping on the 5km loop of single track trails. We'll have a tasty feast following the event inside around the toast woostove.

Race attendance is limited to 40 racers in 2018. So DON'T DELAY! 

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Kogi's Story

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Kogi was originally purchased by a family so the kids would have something to play with for the summer. At the end of the summer Kogi was returned because they "didn't want him anymore" and because of problems with his liver.

That was the "bad news" for Kogi. But the good news is that there are people on this planet like Vicki Shouten. Despite knowing of Kogi's medical condition, Vicki welcomed this sweet lad into her home and made her part of her family.

But a week and a half ago Kogi
was place
in the Intensive Care Unit due to bladder stone blockage. Surgery was done to repair the issue and after a full week in ICU, Kogi was able to return home... but only for 24 hours before he had to return to the ICU.

With what we believe to be a botched surgery, the bleeding and pain would not subside. Kogi is now scheduled for a follow-up surgery to repair the mess that was made.

As you can probably imagine, surgery and ICU time do not come without considerable expense. Vicki and I both believe that the value of a dog's life (a member of our family), shouldn't be determined by how much money we have in the bank. But the reality is, very few individuals have an endless supply of disposable funds to emergencies such as these.

And that is why the Mad Trapper is hosting this event. 100% of proceeds will go to Kogi's vet bills, which are now well into the 5 figures.

We'd love to see you at the race, but if you can't make it or don't "
fatbike" but you still want to show your support for Kogi, you can make a donation using the link below.

Bauer Misses Kogi...

Let's Help Reunite Them

This is a video of an awesome race in Gorham, NH. Our Mad Trapper event will be very similar in terrain and philosophy.