Fat Bike Race Information

The Next Race Starts In...

When: January 7, 2018 at 10am

Where: "The Ark" in Denholm, QC. Private property designed 
for trail, snowshoe, mountain and fat bike riding! Click the "Contact/Find Us" link above for a map and directions.

The Races: The race will begin with a 500m snow packed, uphill, gravel road "prologue". This short stretch which will serve to separate the "men from the boys", or the "women from the girls". Once at the Ark, riders will enter into our trail system. 

The trail is pretty much 100% single track with lots of twists and turns, technical sections and of course... hills. But truthfully, there are some decent flat sections on this course and none of the climbs are overly steep or sustained.

On race day, racers can choose between competing in the 5km (1 loop) event, or 10km (2loop event).
On January 6th, the Mad Trapper will host 5k and 10k races on the very same trail, so riders should expect nicely packed trails on race day.

​​​​​​​Rentals: Wakefield Expeditions will have 3 fat bikes available for rent, but they must be reserved in advance, so please contact Jamie or Vicki to reserve: 819-459-2225